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Wikileak for MIDI Piano

First movement created for .microsound wikileaks project

Raw material is generated from what has become known as the Collateral Murder video.

The composition is conceived as a single piece in two parts

Collateral Murder

Second movement created for .microsound wikileaks project.

The piano of the first movement is presented in its originating context.

alias314 v07

.microsound Pi Day graphic

Identity, and mixed generative and performed patch in SuperCollider.

Produced according to the rules of .microsound Pi Day 2012

.microsound Pi Day graphic

Poster for Japan

Identity, and fully determinate composition based on garbage disposal. Composed 3/11/2011.

Produced according to the rules of .microsound Pi Day 2011

.microsound Pi Day graphic

A generative line drawing in Field.

Six Videos for Darren Nelsen